The Look On These Kids Faces When Theyre Finally Adopted Is Everything

Adoption is one of the greatest gifts anyone can give a child. The sweet look on these kids' faces after they're adopted are so heartwarming! Everyone deserves to be loved, and these children clearly are.

They Get To Grow Up Together

Photo credit Jay Houston

This little boy spent 389 days in foster care but was eventually adopted by a family who lives in the same neighborhood as his biological siblings! Adoptive mother Jay Houston made the decision to make 17-month-old Elijah a permanent part of her family after her friend adopted three of his siblings. Elijah not now gets to grow up with his biological siblings as well as his four adoptive siblings! Houston herself was adopted as a child. In an ABC interview she explained, "I'm the youngest of seven kids and I was adopted. Growing up, that's always something I wanted to do.201d What a happy adoption story for all involved.