These Homeless People Had Nothing But Still Put Others First

People become homeless for a variety of reasons. Some lose their jobs, some can't afford ever-increasing rent, some have problems with addiction, and some are just dealt a bad hand of cards.

These people didn't even have a place to sleep at night but were willing to jump to someone's aid with no questions asked. Meanwhile, others made the decision to turn their lives around, and their inspirational stories have helped those with similar struggles. These incredible acts of kindness are sure to bring a tear to your eye and remind you of the good in the world.

You won't believe how one homeless man saved hundreds by foiling a bomb attack in New Jersey.

This Homeless Man Performed CPR After A Truck Driver Had A Heart Attack

James Pocock had been living in the woods off a Williston, Vermont highway when he witnessed a horrific accident. A truck driver named Paul Bristol had suffered a serious heart attack, causing him to veer in the left lane and "bunny hop" along the guardrail for about 300 feet. Pocock quickly ran to the scene and found Bristol breathless and without a pulse so he started performing CPR.

Miraculously, Bristol survived the initial accident and received six stets in blocked arteries. Today, he and Pocock are close friends and talk to each other all the time. Paddock was honored by the Williston Fire Department for his heroic act and the community pulled together to each him get back on his feet.