These Couples Found Love In Surprising Ways

Finding true love is not always the easiest thing in the world. It can mean dating many different people in the hope that the right person comes along and we realize they are "the one." From blind dates and internet dating to random encounters on the street, how we find love is different for every single person. Some people find love in the craziest of places and it almost always sneaks up on them. We found a group of people who discovered their soul mates in unique ways. If you haven't found love yet or you need to be reminded how amazing it is that you've found love, these people will inspire you.

A Horrible Blind Date That Turned Into Love

Brian was on a blind date when he met the woman who would become his wife 2014 and it wasn't the person he had just met. His future wife explains their story. "Is it awkward if I stare? Is it awkward if he's staring? Ok, this is really awkward." Brian was set up on a date by friends but he couldn't take his eyes off a different woman! After a short period of time, he left with his blind date and the story could have ended there. Instead, twenty minutes later he dashed back into the bar and made a b-line towards the woman he couldn't get out of his mine. Out of breath from his dash back into the bar, he managed to get out an introduction. "Hey! I'm Brian. I'm not sure if you noticed, but I've been staring at you all night while I was on the worst blind date ever." It turns out Brian walked his date home and quickly returned to see if the women he had been paying attention to was still there. She soon found out that Brian lived in Florida but after one magical night they decided to try the long distance route. Despite a long-distance relationship, they made it work and found true love.