Can’t Do Vegetarian? Why Don’t You Try Flexitarian?

You might be wondering what it means to be a vegetarian or a Flexitarian, what difference they have in their diet pattern. Who knows, you can currently be either of them without even been aware of it.

The word Flexitarian is a recent word used to describe people whose diet are mostly vegetarian based, but who occasionally eat meat.

Flexitarians are also referred to as semi-vegetarian because they are people who have given up the consumption of red meat for either health reasons or for environmental reasons and eventually only eat organic animals or free range animal products.

There are basically no guidelines or set of rules for a Flexitarian diet which is one of the major reasons why people appreciate it. It is just all about eating more vegetables than you used to, more whole grains, beans, seeds, and nuts while you gradually reduce the consumption of animal-based foods like meat, dairy, and poultry. With dishes like chickpea and lentil soup, Flexitarians find them appealing and tasty thereby, making it easy to avoid meat-based meals.

Flexitarian diet is easy to stick with because of its flexibility which can make it a part-time vegetarian and it is likely to stay really long. A study recently made suggested that global mortality and food-related greenhouse emissions could be reduced by up to 10 percent and 70 percent respectively by the help of the Flexitarian diet.

So, if you intend to shift your diet from the non-vegetarian diet to a vegetarian diet, and you find the switch difficult, a Flexitarian diet could be a perfect way to go. Skipping meats in days intervals can be an easy transition. Also adding Korean-style tofu, black bean salad with mango sauce and vegetable and noodle stir-fry to your menu can be a great inspiration.