Why is it So Hard to Exercise? Set Achievements and Get Motivation!!!


Taking the first move to get out of bed and set to the gym can seem almost impossible. On so many occasions, you decide to make a move to start a workout and then you lose the motivation to start, procrastinate end eventually believe that you have failed and feel you are not good enough to exercise. All around you, there are friends and families who work out regularly and seem to be doing it so effortlessly which feels like an intimidation to you.

To fully start an exercise routine, you need to set some goals. In other to do this, you have to start with setting small goals and be consistent with achieving the goals. For instance, you can decide to work a block from your house before getting a cab. The next week, you extend the distance. Then you could include 5 pushups and sit up immediately you get out of bed. The idea behind this is to consistently do a few activities and be consistent about it. If you skip a day or two, you set back to start all over again.

Staying motivated to exercise has always been a difficult but necessary task of achieving our workout goals. Different people have tried out different ideas that have helped motivate them to a successful workout regime.

  1. Put on your exercise wears. You feel ridiculous to put on your workout clothes and not really exercise.
  2. Documenting how you feel after your workout sessions. Having a documentation of how good you feel after each workout helps motivate you out of bed on lazy days. When you read your workout documentations, you would anticipate feeling that similar way again.
  3. Never forget why you started exercising. Remembering out unfit and chubby you were before you started to workout. Those days when you tried on clothes but never look good on you or when you didn’t have the courage to wear short wears would motivate you to do more exercise.
  4. Ask yourself, how will I feel if I decide to miss this exercise. If you decide not to exercise for any reason, would you be sure to feel good and not feel a regret at the end of the end of that day.
  5. Working out with a group. The anticipation to see other group members and the instructor keeps you going. The energy from the group highly motivates you and makes you not want to feel like the person who quits.
  6. Get addicted to the after workout feel. There is a form of endorphin rush after an exercise that makes you happy and smiles uncontrollably.
  7. Imagine there’s a crowd you have to perform to. Sometimes, the workout can be really tough and you feel like quitting. At this point, you should imagine there’s a crowd right in front of you that you need to perform to just like a professional athlete would.
  8. Let your environment be motivating. Hanging motivational pictures on your mirrors and wall, your goals written all around your personal spaces can help motivate you greatly and remind you why you should keep exercising.
  9. Set some personal challenge for yourself. Setting little challenge for your self can help a great deal. When you are 3 minutes to the end of your 10-minute workout, make sure to push yourself to the end of it, and try to start all over again.